Arguments are capable of
ruining a relationship. When
there is a problem involved
within the relationship, the last
thing you need to be doing is
arguing with the person you
love and the person who loves
Typically, with arguing, brings
anger and hurt feelings
because instead of
communicating in a more
civilized and progressive way,
we call each other mean
names, make each other feel
bad, and nothing resolves from
doing so. Our words are very
Depending on what is said
during an argument, can
destroy the self-esteem of both
involved. It can ruin the feelings
you once had for each other.
Events remain in the back of
our minds forever. Especially
meeting someone you fell in
love with and then in turn he or
she hurts your
feelings. Thoughts and words
can permeate into your mind to
where you could possibly
believe that you are as low as
that person made you feel or as
great as he or she could have
made you feel.
No one wants to be yelled at or
ridiculed or complained about,
but the problem needs to be
fixed. You must remain mature
and understanding towards
conflict. The two involved can
either yell and scream at each
other about presumed short-
comings, talk about the actual
problem in a loving and
compassionate manner, or cut
the ties, if the problem just can
not be resolved.
What often happens is that the
two people involved have used
improper and ineffective
communication for so long that
they are so hurt by what the
other has said and that it can
not be resolved. Sometimes,
there is too much damage
made against each other
through disagreement. If you’re
reminded by someone all the
time about how unhappy you
make he or she feel, you start
to feel like you can’t make
anyone happy. In a sense,
you’re being brainwashed by
their words.
To those who have been
criticized, you may not enjoy it,
but you have to accept what
other people are going to think
of you. And you may not like
what your love thinks of you,
but you can either truly accept
what he or she said and/or
thinks or leave.
If you really love each other,
anger shouldn’t be involved.
Anger is not involved with love.
I wouldn’t want to hurt the
person I loved by anger and I
wouldn’t want my lover angry.
There are many other ways I
can express how I feel my love
has possibly hurt me, if I even
decide to mention it at all.
Because I would never want my
lover to possibly feel
No matter the scenario, I would
make sure I treated he or she
the way I would want myself
In any conflict, in any kind of
situation. You should always
say how you feel, but I would
always try and make sure you
truly mean the way you feel.
If you confront your lover on a
problem, make sure the
problem you are having is the
actual problem and solve it.
You solve problems by talking
about them. And when talking
about them, I would suggest to
disengage and refrain yourself
from the following:
1. Raising your voice
2. Name calling
3. Physical abuse
4. Bringing up conflicts from the
5. Making a point to make the
other person feel guilty or
6. Keeping thoughts inside
A couple is capable of being
together and in love without
arguing. I have seen and felt
what a relationship was like
without arguing and those
relationships turned out far
more successful than ones I
have experienced with the
constant arguments. Don’t feel
like you have to yell or scream
to get your point across, but to
speak calmly, compassionately,
and honestly will do that for
you. I refuse to be part of an
argument. I discuss and at
times I can become quite
passionate about what I am
Calling people names will only
hurt someone’s feelings.
Placing your hands on someone
will only end out in pain.
The past is the past and lovers
do not dwell on the past, for if
they do, they do not truly love
who is there presently.
It’s not anyone’s right to make
anyone feel a certain way or
control their mind.
Never keep your feelings inside
because they will only eat you
away. For years they can and
will stay.