How to Get a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Stop starting with “my name is John, can I meet
you? ” That’s the first thing. Don’t say that! It’s like
you’re looking for something specific from her and
it’s overpowering and a little intimidating.
What to do:
1.) Start with a joke, or a comment on where you
are or what you just did or even the weather. Just
something casual to start the convo.
2.) After you start the convo, THEN, you can
introduce yourself and ask her name (without
saying can I meet you or anything. Just “my name
is x, what’s yours” is fine).
3.) Tell her a bit about yourself in the context you
met her. E.g. at church, “I’ve been coming to this
church for a while, but this is the first time I’ve
seen you.” or “Did you enjoy Pastor so-and-so’s
message.” Or at the cinema, “wow the line is long,
I came all the way from X to watch this movie, and
its like everyone had the same idea.” Something
like that, that shows you’re normal and a
functioning part of society.
4.) At this point you can give a compliment but
throw in some humility because it seems more
genuine that way. E.g. “I think you’re beautiful.
I’ve been over there watching you, trying to get the
confidence to come over and talk to you.” Whether
or not that’s the case, it makes you seem
unthreatening and cute and it also makes it harder
for her to say no to at least exchanging contact
info with you, even if she’s not interested.
5.) Don’t stay too long, so that it becomes like
you’re disturbing her or you’re too desperate. Say
something like “I have to go now (back to my
friends/ my movie is about to start/ whatever) but
can we exchange numbers or email addresses.”
Even if she says no, don’t become belligerent and
aggressive and start dissing her. Just be like “well
that’s too bad, here’s my contact info in case you
change your mind.” If you’re polite and respectful
even after rejection, she might have a re-think.
When guys who are rejected become mean
afterwards, girls are like good riddance, thank God
sef I said no.
In general sha, just play it cool and just keep first
meetings at just a chat, don’t start with “I like you”
or “I want to get to know you better.” Don’t act so
eager like “can I meet you?, may I know you? etc.”