*** 10 Things Broke Guys Often Say Most broke guys are quick to anger and attack ladies at any slight frustration. ***

10 Things Broke Guys Often Say
Most broke guys are quick to anger and
attack ladies at any slight frustration.
An average broke dude is a frustrated
I know that most guys will have me hated for this write up but the truth is bitter they
Take a bottle of yoyo bitters & sit on a
coconut tree
Here I go
10 Things Broke Guys Often Say 1.I love my girl friend so much and she’s
the best lady that has ever come into my
life.. Ask him why he loves her so much &
he will say ” she’s not demanding at all” #
e no go beta for brokeness#
2.If you send N100 recharge card to your girlfriend and she doesn’t call you with at
least N50, it implies she’s using the credit
to call other male admirers/suitors # God
punish brokeness#
3.I’m contended with my torchlight phone
because I’m not one of those using expensive phones just to impress ladies
4.When I become rich, I know so many
ladies will be stalking me. I will bleep and
dump them mercilessly
5. Any lady who doesn’t like my brokeness
should go to hell because I can’t kill myself 6.Any lady who loves me now that I’m
broke is worthy of my ring as soon as I
become rich
7.Money is not everything. I don’t have
money but no lady can make me feel less
of myself 8.Ladies who turn me down now will
regret when I become rich
9.I don’t like ladies who point to expensive
things when I take her to an eatery, at
least courtesy demands she order for
cheap thing ‘cos she doesn’t know the weight of my pocket
10.Ladies who run after rich dudes are
mostly gold diggers
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*** Search 5 simple ways to keep your relationship alive [Men Only] ***

A good relationship will surely keep you
happy and healthy, and if that’s what
you have now, making it last longterm
isn’t rocket science—really.
Scientists at the University of Illinois
recently analyzed 45 studies and 12,273
reports on relationships and narrowed
down their findings into five strategies
for keeping the bond strong with your
significant other.
According to the pros, here are the best
strategies to include in your relationship
game plan:
1. Clear the air: Talk about
whatever’s on your mind, even
if it’s just that you’re annoyed
she left her makeup all over the
bathroom counter. Putting it
off will only force you to bottle
up emotions and that could
lead to passive aggressive
actions later on.
2. Get happy: If you’re pissed off,
chances are your crappy mood
will rub off on everyone
around you, including your
girlfriend. Sure, sometimes a
bad mood is unavoidable, but
do your best to stay positive…
especially on date nights.
3. Divide and conquer: Who knew
that simply divvying up chores
could help your relationship?
Taking part in shared
responsibilities reminds her
that you’re committed — and it
gets things around the house
done a heck of a lot faster
which will make her even
4. Mix it up: Of course you love
your one-on-one time with her,
but including friends and
family in your activities can
actually help you out as a
couple. It shows your girlfriend
that you are interested in the
people she cares about and
gives her the opportunity to
get to know your crew as well.
5. Leave no doubts: Simply put,
make sure she knows that you
are 100% into her — and not
just for her looks. Encourage
her to achieve her own goals
and lend support whenever
she needs it most. You don’t
have to make an elaborate
production out of building her
up; a sum of small daily
gestures should do the trick.
So, what’s the end result of all these
rules? A rock solid relationship. If it all
sounds like too much to take on at once,
don’t panic. Just start with one strategy
and build your way up.
The University of Illinois study found
that a person who practices one of the
strategies is more likely to practice the
others as well, so one may be enough!
Fights over dirty dishes and leaving the
toilet seat up or down will still ensue,
but in the long run remember that it’s
the effort that counts.