*** 10 Ways Men Are Better At Relationships Than Women ***

Here are ten ways I’ve noticed men are BETTER at relationships than women:
1. Men are less likely to hold grudges.
Women have no problem reminding you what
it truly means to be scorn. But let’s face it,
remembering a forgotten birthday ten years
later (after continuous scolding) is over kill,
ladies. Most men, won’t partake in such
cattiness, they are like little kids in that they
typically forgive and forget within 10 minutes
of an incident.
2. Men are less likely to treat their adult
partners like children.
When is the last time you heard a husband
scold his wife for wearing an inappropriate
shirt, or order her to do the dishes? Just let
that sink in.
3. Men have a lot more patience.
It’s not often that women would wait an
extra hour and be late so that he could get
his hair perfected, and then still say, “Honey,
you look great!” Chanced are we’d be livid
and pout the entire car ride. Not to mention,
how many women do you know who would
accompany him to the golf course with as
much patience as he displays in shopping
malls? I’m willing to bet, not many.
4. Men handle their partner’s intense
emotions with more kindness.
How many men do you know who will stop
arguing and comfort her if she cries in anger,
and how many women do you know who will
do the same if he yells in anger?
6. Men don’t habitually gossip about details
of their partners’ personal lives.
Women support an entire gossip media
industry that does nothing but discuss the
intimate details of other people’s personal
lives and this rarely is different when it
comes to the tiresome details of their own
7. Men don’t sweat the small stuff as often.
Think about it: Which parent is always
stressing about the dirty clothes at 10 PM
when the twin toddlers have finally been
wrangled into their beds — Mom or Dad?
8. Men are more hopeful.
They still believe in marriage and are willing
to get married, in spite of a very unjust
judicial system that continues to award
women an unfair amount of custody and
lifetime spousal support settlements that
seem entirely out of proportion to logic. On
the other hand, there are women who
become so jaded (and dare I say it — bitter)
after bad relationships that sometimes they
lose faith in men, as a whole.
9. In general, men complain less.
I could go on and on with this example, but
just the lack of a major self-help book
industry for men, compared to women, is
indicative of which gender constantly places
their energy focusing on a laundry basket full
problems (and un-fixable ones, at that).
10. Men are more at peace with the way
things are.
Women are more likely to remain in one gear
— that gear being “improvement” mode; this
results in them pressuring everyone to
improve the relationship, the house, the bank
accounts, etc.
Maybe (just maybe) if more women were
open to learning about: patience, tolerance,
forgiveness, and being at peace with “what
is” from the men in their lives, there’d be a
significant decrease in relationship stress for
everyone. I not sure why most women feel
the constant need to one up their lives, but I
do think that most of us are far more
competitive this way in comparison to men.
The problem is your attempt to “improve”
what’s truly not broken doesn’t contribute to
the peace, harmony, and stability — OR FUN
— of romantic relationships.

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*** 7 ways to make sure your partner never loses interest in you ***

Often times you hear of married couple
slowly drifting apart , then the senseless
arguments arise and they stop sleeping
sleeping together, next on the list will be
divorce. You wonder what happened to these couples who were once so happy together, the good news is that it never has to be this way in your own case.
Holly Riordan of All Women Stalk lists these
7 ways to make sure couples never lose
interest in each other:
1. Be Spontaneous: After you’ve been together for a while, you’ll fall into a certain routine. You’ll see each other on certain days, go to certain restaurants, and hang out with certain #people. While there’s
nothing wrong with developing a routine, you have to break it every once in a while. Surprise him with reservations for a restaurant in a different town or buy him tickets for a show in the city. Do whatever you can to keep him on his toes.
2. Keep up appearances: You don’t have to
wear #makeup every morning and toss out
every pair of sweat-pants you own. However, you should occasionally dress nicely just for him. Buy some lingerie or a new dress that he won’t be able to take his #eyes off of. If you’re with the right #man, he’ll return the favor by buying something for himself to wear that you’ll adore.
3. Never stop learning: This one is essential, not only for your #relationship, but for yourself. If you’ve been with your #man for years, then he’ll eventually have nothing left to learn about you–unless you keep trying new things. Join a cla$$ or take a trip. That way, you’ll be living a life you enjoy and will constantly have new #things for him to learn about you.
4. Have your own friends: Don’t let your man become your entire life. If he sees that you have plenty of friends that love spending time with you, he’ll realize how lucky he is to have you and won’t lose interest. That’s why it’s important to organize your time–because you want to have a social life that doesn’t
involve your man.
5. Continue dating: If you act like a boring old married couple, then you’ll start to feel that way. That’s why you need to continue to go out on dates. It’ll give you a #chance to dress up, show each other off in public, and have flirty conversations. If you want your # relationship to stay interesting, you have to act like you’re still in the honeymoon phase, even when you’ve been together for decades.
6. Give him what he wants: You aren’t his
slave, so you don’t have to wait on him hand and foot. However, he won’t lose interest in you if you always surprise him by doing something special. If you know he loves cheesecake, pick him up a slice on the way home from work. If you know he hates taking out the garbage, do it for him after he had a rough day.
7. Never lose interest in him: If you don’t want him to lose interest in you, then you can’t lose interest in him. If you’re both happy to be involved in each other’s lives, then you won’t have a problem. You’ll always be excited to spend #time together.


Every lady has a dream to build a strong and
relationship with a handsome and manly guy.
Many of
them don’t realize that dating a self-
sufficient and real man is not an easy thing,
because it requires constant development,
motion and mutual respect.
Image >
Manliness is the key trait of a men’s nature.
These men are used to compete, fight, win
and do manly things. Women have always
been trying to turn a lion into an obedient
and harmless cat. According to their point of
view, a married man should wave goodbye to
friends, hobbies and dedicate almost ALL
their time to the family. Unfortunately, ladies
still believe that it will help them build a
happy family union and avoid fights or the
breach of faith. I think that neither kids nor
beauty can prevent a manly husband from
divorce, if you rob him of freedom,
manliness and don’t give him breathe in a
gulp of fresh air. Everything depends on his
temperament, but his patience isn’t made of
rubber. If your love is pure and Infinite, he’ll
swallow the pride from time to time in hope
to save your relationship.
As a result, your man will either become a
creature or bang on the table with his fist
and erupt like a volcano, because obedience
is not a man’s pair of shoes. I hope this
article will help you understand that women’s
habits can kill men’s manliness and make all
the members of your family miserable.
1. Taking total control over his life
Women are mega active and extremely
curious creatures by nature. They usually do
their best to succeed in everything they’re
interested in. When they get married, they
shift their focus to their men’s lives. They
analyze their lifestyles and try to take control
of every step made by their significant
others. As far as I know, men cannot
imagine a happy married life without
personal space and trust. At least two or
three hours a day they need to feel
temporary freedom, digest thoughts and
make right life decisions. Men usually
become angry when women stick their noses
into their affairs.
It’s very difficult to get rid of destructive
habits, but if you really love your guy and
want him to be the model of manly strength
till the end of life, you should give in,
because you’re a lovely woman, not a tyrant.
You should always keep the phrase “Mind
Your Business” in mind. This technique will
help you rid yourself of this annoying habit
and improve the quality of your family life.
2. Trying to become as strong and powerful
as men
Though men and women are absolutely equal
in their rights, modern women try to be
dominated in many spheres of life. They
refuse to follow old school rules and
principles set by their ancestors, because
being a shy, womanly and tender lady isn’t
prestigious anymore. The new priorities of
many women today are money, prestige,
dominance and power. It seems this world
turned upside down.
Not long ago my best friend bought the same
model of BMW like her husband already had.
When I asked her why she decided to choose
such a big and high-powered car, she told
me that she was fond of strength and speed.
She didn’t agree that big cars were the toys
of strong and manly guys. I’m sure that it’s
bad when women lose their femininity and
prefer to behave like boys. There’s no need
to break the fundamental laws of nature.
Women are born to behave like ladies and
men are born to be real men.
3. Reforming his character
No matter how you slice it, it’s almost
impossible to
change the character of an adult male, but
women still wholeheartedly believe that
they’ll achieve a desirable result regardless
of everything. But how can a woman reform
the character of manly and self-sufficient
man? One of the most effective and popular
ways to do it is emotional blackmail. Even
strong and sober-minded men are ready to
do everything for the sake of their
princesses. If your habit of nagging your
husband is stronger than your love, then
you’ll probably win the battle. You should
remember that living according to only your
rules and traditions will gradually throw your
significant other off balance and make him
the most miserable person in the world.
4. Taming and restraining men
It’s hard to believe but women fall in love
with manly, fearless and interesting men, but
a bit later prefer to get married and cohabit
with henpecked husbands. Why do women
dream of clipping their husbands’ wings?
Sure, the main reason is the fear to lose their
loved ones. Actually, it has a lot of pros and
Your life becomes easier, if you know that
your pa$$ive and predictable significant
other is sitting at home and playing with
kids. You don’t have to worry about his
extreme hobbies and interests. But very
soon, such a life will fill the heart of your lion
with sorrow and despondency. I can state
with a$$urance that a relationship where the
rights and opportunities of partners are
limited for one or another reason have the
lowest chances for survival. Both spouses
should cooperate and communicate with their
friends and family members, because
marriage is not a prison, but a happy union.
5. Making steep demands
Statistics prove that nowadays every man
dreams of
gradually turning his woman into a queen,
while every woman dreams of finding an
already wise, strong, courageous and wealthy
king. The desire to live in prosperity and feel
yourself completely comfortable and secured
is a normal thing. Women should be careful
of the words they say, because offensive
phrases can hurt men’s soul more than
Psychologists advise women to avoid any
words, such as loser or milksop, because
they can break men’s confidence and
manliness into pieces. Try to reach your
common goals together and never blame him
for the failures and issues that sometimes
take place in your family life. Motivate your
dear knight in shining armor – you’re the
main source of inspiration to him.
Every successful and wise lady appreciates
manliness in her man, because this trait is
an essential part of their love and family
happiness. Try to take control of your habits
and realize that the dream to tame your man
can break a relationship, because dignity and
freedom are the top priorities to men. Do you
know any other habits that can steal men’s