*** 7 ways to go after a man without losing your dignity ***

We all have that particular guy we like (and
can proudly call a crush) but may not want
to look desperate though we’re dying to
catch his attention.
The truth is, he may not want to ask you out
because you aren’t making an effort to get
his attention – you don’t flirt or even talk to
him enough to know that you are interested
to know him better.
Are you stuck in this type of situation? Holly
Riordan of All Women Stalk lists 5 ways to
do it without losing yourself in the process:
1. Keep your confidence up: When
you smile at your #crush from
across the room and he doesn’t
smile back, don’t turn away
quickly and act embarra$$ed.
When you flirt with him and he
doesn’t flirt back, don’t try to
backtrack and act like you were
just being friendly. If you appear
devastated whenever you don’t get
the reaction you want, he’s going
to a$$ume you’re self-conscious.
You need to keep confident, so
that he realizes he’d be lucky to
have you.
2. Don’t be someone you’re not: Don’t tell him
you love the band on his teeshirt if you can’t
name any of their songs. Don’t ask him to
see a horror movie with you if you can’t
stand the genre. Act like yourself from the
start, because if you end up dating him, he’ll
figure out that you were lying all along. You
can’t keep up a charade forever.
3. Don’t text him too much: It’s easy to send
him text after text, but you shouldn’t do it. If
he doesn’t reply to you, don’t try to keep the
conversation going by bringing up several
new topics in the hopes that one will keep
his interest. However, if he texts you back
right away, don’t play games by waiting to
text him back. Just answer him when you
want to answer him and don’t be afraid to
text him first.
4. Don’t get too emotional in front of him: If
you ask him out on a date (which you
should!), don’t guilt him into going out with
you. It’s not the #time to cry or to beg.
Remain confident and casually ask him if he
wants to hang out. If he says no, don’t curse
him out or whine about his answer. React
like a lady.
5. Don’t neglect other area of your life: Chasing
a guy is fine, as long as you don’t make it
your only mission in life. You still have cla$$
es to attend, friends to talk to, and a career
to pursue. Don’t become so blinded by a #
guy that you forget about the finer things in
6. Don’t let your jealous in front of him: You
can let your #crush know you like him in
plenty of different ways, so don’t do it by
acting jealous. If he talks to another #girl
and you flip out on him, he won’t want to
date you. You need to keep yourself calm
and collected, even when he’s a$$ociating
with #people you can’t stand.
7. Know when to give up on him: If he makes it
clear that he isn’t interested in dating you,
it’s #time to give up on him and find
someone new. Have you ever turned down a
guy, only to have him ask you out over and
over again? It can become annoying, and
even scary, so don’t do that to your #crush.
If you really like him, then you’ll respect his

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Flirting is an integral part of every young
lady`s life. But if dealing with those who try
to win your heart is easy, you may find it
hard to win someone’s heart yourself. Girls
are so shy and often become nervous when
flirting with hot confident guys. You just look
into his amazing eyes and suddenly lose
your head. Things seem to never be the
same again and you can`t get control over
yourself. Those moments are unforgettably
beautiful but we frequently spoil everything
and make a fake impression. If you want to
stay calm with your future partner and make
a stunning impression on him, here are 12
mistakes you should avoid when flirting…
1. Supposing he knows that you like him
Think the man is aware of your pa$$ion for
him simply because you`re pretty today? No,
ladies, that never works out. Make a first
step to show your interest and to make him
fall in love with you and. Remember, no bees,
no honey. He will never know you like him if
you don’t let him know.
2. Telling about the others who like you
Well, frankly speaking, it`s all about me.
Don`t make this mistake as when you want
to tell a guy that he`s the winner among all
other guys who also like you, he may think
something like “You may count for our
friendship and nothing more. You see, I
already have a “partner’s list” to choose
3. Being too confident and mean
When flirting with a shy guy, don’t be too
confident and don’t try to show that you
don’t have any insecurities. When flirting
with a confident guy, though, don’t be too
mean. Many girls tend to be mean with
confident guys because they think it can help
them look more confident too. In fact, this
type of behavior can scare off any guy.
4. Constant laughing
Guys like to make jokes. This way, they try
to boost a
woman’s mood and show that they are
funny. Well,
laughing at his jokes is a must, but don`t go
too far!
Don’t start giggling every time he makes a
joke, especially if you don`t really find it
funny, because it`ll look unnatural and he
will understand that you actually don’t like it.
5. Drinking too much alcohol
Taking a few shots of something will not
spoil your date. What`s more, it can make
you feel relaxed and even more confident.
However, moderation is always
important. You should avoid getting drunk
when flirting, as you wouldn`t like him to see
you rolling on the floor and speaking up all
of your thoughts.
6. Being too much interested
Express your interest in what he says with
questions and attentive listening. You
shouldn`t pretend that his words are so
much exciting that you are ready to become
his girlfriend right now. The art of flirting is
hard to master but one of the most
important things to remember is to be
yourself. After all, you can’t pretend all the
7. Lying
Lying is awful and it can ruin any
relationship. Tracing whom you lied and what
you lied about in order not to be caught is a
heavy burden. Moreover, it’s a bad idea to
start your relationship with a lie. If you want
your crush to love you, not your lie, it’s
better tell the truth only.
8. Flirting online only
When flirting online you feel so comfortable,
brave and confident that you may start
avoiding him in a real life. If he doesn’t ask
you out on a date, it doesn’t mean he is not
interested in you. He may be too shy to do it
so be the first to ask him out on a little
coffee date. If he rejects you, move on. You
deserve a better boyfriend!
9. Facebook stalking him
Yes, Facebook may show you many
interesting things
about your crush’s life, but don’t make it a
habit to check his account every hour in
order to find out what he’s going to do
tonight. Avoid commenting too much and
sending dozens of messages. There are
many better ways to attract his attention.
10. Pretending you have the same favorite
I once said I like the same band as the guy I
was flirting with. OMG, he started to list his
favorite songs and I had to nod my had and
smile. Eventually, I had to say the truth and
that was the end of our so-called date. Don`t
start your relationships with even a small lie
because he may not understand it.
11. Being too cold towards him
Women love drama and like to test men. I
used to follow the strategy “I don`t care
about you, so love me” and I must confess
that it was a mistake. When you make a man
think you don`t like him just to find out if
he`s straightforward enough to deserve your
love, it may bring the desirable result. But
think twice, would you like to be in a
relationship where you`re loved only when
you don`t like your partner?
12. Being too mysterious
I have a friend who likes to keep an intrigue
frequently doesn`t answer the questions guys
ask her. It`s not a fatal mistake, but if you
give some information about who you really
are, you will look and act natural and find
common language faster.
Love is a unique, subtle and sensitive thing.
Flirting is a necessary part of love, so it
needs an extremely careful treatment. We go
crazy when the time of flirting with someone
super hot comes. But wake up ladies, those
who always tend to complicate everything,
especially the relationships. All men are
simple by nature, so you don`t need to use
any special flirting techniques. Just stay
yourself, make a deep breath, calm down and
win his heart!
What funny flirting mistakes have you or
your friends ever made?

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