*** 5 Pleasant Ways To Break Up With Your Partner ***


Every breakup doesn’t have to end on a bad note. Unless your partner was toxic to your well being, there’s room for close friendship after the break up.
There are ways to end a relationship that are nice and amicable. Staying as friends is more important than any issues you might have with each other.
Here are some tips on how to end a relationship very peacefully so you can stay friends with your partner:
1. Honesty: Be completely honest with your soon to be ex-partner. And while being honest try to be nice too.
2. Don’t do it over the phone: Using any other device is unacceptable. Emails and text messages could be quite disrespectful.
3. Don’t answer back when they are upset: Make them understand why you are doing it. Don’t fire back even they hurl insults out of anger.
4. Choose the right time: Make sure your partner is stable. You don’t breakup with them when they are going through some other emotional issue, that’ll be too much for them.
5. Don’t include anyone’s name during your discussion: While letting them know why you don’t want to be with them, you can spare them details of your new partner if you already have one. Take their feelings into consideration first.


*** 8 Signs She Has Lost Interest In You (Must Read For All Guys) ***


Has your girlfriend suddenly started acting differently around you? Have you been trying to understand her actions but just can’t seem to figure them out? Well, the reason she’s been acting differently may be because she is losing interest in you.
In our article the 5 Signs She’s Not Into You, we examined signs of a woman’s low interest level in the early dating stages. But what about when you’ve been together for a while? If you see that your girlfriend exhibits any of the following warning signs, you have reason to be concerned.
1. She Puts Her Girlfriends Ahead Of You
All women are entitled to a girl’s night out here and there with their girlfriends, but if spending time with their girlfriends has begun to take priority over you and she consistently leaves you at home to gallivant in nightclubs, she is definitely losing interest in you.
2. She Avoids Public Affection With You
If your girlfriend has allowed you to kiss her or hold her hand in public in the past and suddenly begins rejecting your advances or moves away from you without an obvious reason, you have reason to worry about her interest level in the relationship.
3. She’s Lost Interest In s*x (With You)
If she has suddenly become bored by your performance in bed and you’re rarely hitting the sheets any more, she may be wishing for someone else to rub her the right way.
4. She Starts Fights With You Without Any Good Reason
If she has all of a sudden noticeably lowered her tolerance level for your little mistakes, constantly picks fights and turns every little thing into an argument or a disagreement, chances are her interest level has lowered and she is probably unhappy about the way your relationship is going.
5. She Shows Interest In Other Guys
If you notice your girlfriend openly checking out other guys and flirting with other men while you’re right there beside her, it could be her way of sending you a subtle message that she’s shopping around for another man.
6. She’s Put Distance Between You
A woman who is in a happy relationship always makes time for her partner. So if all of a sudden you don’t see your girlfriend for a week or more and when she does answer your calls, she is busy and is always in a rush to get off the phone with you, something is definitely wrong. Take this as hint that she wants time apart to explore what it feels like to be away from you.
7. She’s No Longer Affectionate Toward You
If she just sits there and does nothing when you attempt to touch her and caress her or you’re always the one who initiates the hand holding or hugs first, a breakup may be impending.
8. She Begins Saying “I” Instead Of “We”
If you feel like your girlfriend hardly talks, doesn’t contribute much to the conversations you have your and she starts to use “I” instead of “we” when talking about the future, this means that she does not see a future with you in it anymore.
Drop your Comments, I believe you guys must have dated one or two girls who are now Ex – Tell Us The Sign you noticed before you finally broke up.

*** 10 Signs Your Girlfriend Will Be Bad In Bed (Must Read) ***

These are a couple of pointers to the fact that your girlfriend maybe an amateur on bed as you will need to prepare against any shocker during $ex.
No one wants to get in bed with someone who could potentially be a bad lay, but short of having psychic abilities, it is almost impossible to know how a woman will fare in bed. Or is it? Keeping your eye out for a few attributes could give you an idea on how much satisfaction you can expect from her in the hay.
1. Bad kisser : Most bad kissers make bad lovers. Kissing is a sensual act and if her kissing does not turn you on, it is unlikely that anything else will.
2. Bad at non-verbal communication ; When a woman knows how to use her body to communicate what she wants outside the bedroom, chances her, she will know what to do with her body inside it.
3. Bad dancer: There is a reason men love to watch women dance. A woman who has the moves in the club will most likely have the moves in the bedroom too.
4. She is reserved : A woman willing to try new things will excel in the bedroom. If a girl is afraid to try a new restaurant, chances are she won’t be up to trying any new $ex positions. Adventurous girls make good bedmates.
5. No confidence: $ex, for women is about 99 percent confidence. A confident woman knows how to ask for what she wants will know how to communicate this to you in the bedroom too.
6. She is all talk: When all a woman does is brag about how great she is in the bedroom, you are unlikely to have a good time. If she is, in fact, good, then she would have talked herself too high that no experience will reach that expectation. But, more often than not, only people insecure in bed will feel the need to overcompensate with too much talk. Silent confidence is $exy.
7. She is uptight: For you to enjoy $ex, you need to be able to let go. A uptight person will find this difficult to do. Free spirited women tend to be better in the bedroom because they live in the moment.
8. No sense of humor : $ex is fun, and a person who is all too serious will not make a good $ex partner. There is nothing fun or $exy about a boring girl with no personality, no matter how good she looks.
9. She is inactive: Someone who spends most of her time just sitting around will be bad in bed. Why? Because good $ex requires stamina, flexibility and strength. This comes from having an active lifestyle.
10. She is insecure: When a woman is unsure of herself, this is not $exy. Ladies, even if you are the most insecure person on the planet, you need to fake it until you make it or you are going to have a lot of trouble finding a compatible lover.

*** 6 Signs That Show He Is cheat*ng On You ***


Follow your instincts’. This saying is best suited to this situation. If you are getting vibes from your partner’s behaviour that there is something wrong, then there might be.
Don’t go paranoid and start making false accusations. But you need to keep your eyes open. Be more vigilant and observe any changes in your relationship.
Here is a list of some obvious signs that tell you if your significant other is cheat*ng on you. If you find any of these signs, then it is a red signal for you.
Have a look!
6. Change In Your Intimate Relation:
When a guy is cheat*ng, there is a significant change in this pa$$ion and intimacy towards his partner.
If he is getting everything from another source, he will be less likely to come to you for any of his desires.
5. Over Conscious About His Mobile Phone:
Everyone has a right to privacy. But when you notice that your partner is getting nervous and conscious when he receives texts and calls, it is a red flag for you.
Don’t just start blaming. However, you need to be more alert and watchful for any such suspicious acts in the future.
4. Getting Disconnected:
Are you feeling that he is not sharing the same emotional and physical bond with you anymore? This can be a signal that he is drifting away from you.
You can easily judge if he seems to be less pa$$ionate towards you. He is definitely cheat*ng on you when you feel disconnected with him, both on emotional and physical levels.
3. Cheated In The Past:
‘Once a cheater, always a cheater.’ If he has cheated on his ex or on you in the past, he is capable of repeating this behaviour. Don’t keep yourself in false illusions.
If he can cheat with others, he can cheat on you as well. But if he comes to you and confesses about his past behaviour, then you might want to give him a chance. But I would suggest keeping your eyes open at all times.
2. Friends’ Behaviour:
If you feel a sudden change in his friends’ behaviour and attitude then something wrong is going on for sure. His friends will remain loyal to him but they will feel guilty of hiding the facts from you.
You can guess from his friends’ strange behaviour that something is fishy.
1. Constant Lying:
It is a good idea to give your partner a second chance, especially when you both enjoy a healthy life together. But if your significant other has adopted lying as a habit then you might change your stance on this relationship.
If he is constantly lying about different things then it is a clear indication that he is not loyal to you anymore.

*** 7 things to do if you want to end up in a serious relationship ***


Maintaining a serious relationship can be tasking . A successful long term relationship is a joint effort between two committed people.
If you have something ‘real’ and ‘special’ with someone you see a future with, here are 7 things to do which will make you more committed.
1. Look for the right partner: Keep your eyes open for ‘wife and husband materials’. If you spot a potential player, there’s no need dating them thinking they’ll change. Find someone who compliments you.
2. Be matured: Partying and drinking like a teenager is a no-no. Be more responsible, get a job and earn a good living. This would make you more independent and ready to handle what comes your way.
3. Be with someone who wants a serious relationship as you do: This crosses out the players and emotionally unavailable people. If you are ready to commit, find someone who’s on the same page with you.
4. Make more effort: Loving someone involves not running away after two fights. We all know it’s not easy, but if this is worth fighting for, then don’t let anything stop you.
5. Have no expectations: Don’t set the bar too high or too low. Don’t expect too much so you don’t end up disappointed.
6. Make room in your tight schedule: Set aside enough time to spend with your partner. If you are very busy during the weekdays, try to spend time with them on weekends. The more you are together, the stronger your relationship becomes.
7. Your future plans should align with theirs: Some things matter more when you are in a serious relationships. You guys should have a chat before things get too serious, this will help you check if your plans matches with theirs.

*** 7 clear signs you and your partner are meant for each other ***


Is there a certain factor that makes a relationship last?
We know some couples stay together for some months, years then break up when things turn sour. Others stay together, make it through marriage till death keeps them apart. How can you tell if you and your partner are meant to be together?
Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are a few signs that your relationship is meant to last:
1. No pretence: You both are real with each other. No pretences involved.
2. You both can almost read each other’s minds. You know when your support is needed and give it before your partner asks.
3. You both respect your need for space. You both understand there’s always a time for everything including a ‘me’ time.
5. You are not afraid to straighten touchy issues with your partner. You both speak your minds when something goes wrong and know how to fight fair with each other.
6. You still flirt with your partner like you both just met.
7. You both are genuinely cool with each others friends. You don’t mind your partner hanging out with their friends while you have fun with yours.




*** 7 Best first Date Conversation Starters. ***


7 Best first Date Conversation Starters.
Whether you’re a shy girl who has no idea how to start a conversation with a new guy or you’re a confident woman who can’t stand those awkward silent moments, knowing some of the best conversation starters are sure to help you out. Some of us have trouble starting a conversation on a second date too. It’s not because we’re not smart or charming or interesting. It’s because our emotions and feelings don’t let our brains think clearly. A little bit of practice can make your first and next dates more exciting and fun. Plus, you will save your date from dealing with silent moments – a win-win solution for two of you. Take a look at the best first date conversation starters and pick what you think both of you will love to discuss.
1. Childhood memories
Even though not all of us have great childhood memories, there’s still something positive you or your date might have. When I begin to talk about my childhood, I have a number of interesting stories to tell, though it wasn’t so happy and trouble-free. If you see that your date speaks about his childhood with a smile on his face, keep asking questions and tell about your funniest memories too. This is a good way to learn more about each other.
2. Holidays
It’s a holiday season, which means, you have an awesome conversation starter. Talk about your favorite holidays and the ways you usually celebrate them. Recollect the most wonderful moments and ask your date about his too. Christmas is a charming holiday that everyone likes so why not make it your first date conversation starter?
3. Food
When I wrote ‘food’ I didn’t mean diet tips, diet goals and calorie intake. You can discuss your favorite and unfavorite meals and drinks, fruit and vegetables, or desserts. Food is a common topic to discuss on a first date. Unless you talk about your calorie intake and weight loss goals, your date will be eager to find out what you like. Romantic dinners are still popular, girls, and men know it.
4. Technology
Let’s face it: we live in a world where people fall asleep with their smartphones and check their timelines and emails every time they wake up. Discussing some old or new inventions is a great first date conversation starter. But make sure you don’t brag. If you see that your date doesn’t have a cool phone or he’s a poor student who knows nothing about Mac and iPhone, skip this topic, even if you have the latest gadgets. Otherwise, he will get you wrong.
5. Music
It may seem cliché and boring, but music has a magic power. It heals the soul, boosts mood and inspire us to move forward. Music is a perfect first date conversation ice-breaker too. You know almost nothing about one another so discussing music related questions will entertain both of you and help you find something in common. Who knows, maybe you two love Halestorm or still can’t get over the Beatles. You might listen to your favorite bands on a second date.
6. Career
Whether you are students or successful managers, discussing career goals and achievements is one of the best ways to start a conversation. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, just a few sentences and that it. Again, no bragging and moaning. Avoid discussing and gossiping about your bosses and coworkers. The last thing you want is to turn your date into a business meeting.
7. Family
Family is a bit tricky first date conversation starter, but when other topics fail, why not talk about your families? Parents, siblings, nieces or nephews, whoever. If you have little kids in your family, make sure you talk about them. Your date will see how much you love kids, and know you will be a wonderful mom. Moreover, you will find out how he treats his parents and kids as well. If you are planning to build a relationship with this guy, you should know as many details about his family as possible.
First date conversation starters can vary from person to person. You can’t know what topics your date would like to discuss. Stay flexible. If you feel like your conversation starter is a total failure, quickly change the topic. Your date can also suggest some interesting topics. Don’t discuss your exes, crushes, family problems and health issues. He’s not interested in those details. What was your worst first date conversation starter?

*** Secrets That Masters Of Love Never Told You ***


Secrets Masters Of Love Never Told You. While we are given a lot of information on how to find, keep and get love back, there is simplicity in the overall formula. It seems like a mystery, how we feel love but actually Science has figured out a lot about love. Science has told us that the feeling of love is our fundamental need. Love and the way it makes us feel is what allows us to thrive. It actually comes from our origins as it’s supposed to make us want to reproduce. Here are some of the sure fire ways to make someone fall in love with you that secrets masters of love know.
Here are some Science stats about love:
* The brain detects how your body is moving to decide if it’s getting signal of love or not. This is why 55% of falling in love consists of body language one way or another.
* The voice contributes 38% of the decision to be in love. Based on the change in your frequency and tone, it sends a powerful message.
* A lover’s choice of words dictates how you feel by 7%
1. They Know that Love is Nature’s Beautiful Trap
Psychopharmacology produced an article that created a comparison between behavioural addiction and social attachment. You’re not alone if you become addicted to someone else due to the reward you get for returned admiration and affection.
The triggers your body gives off are ways to instigate the emotion of love. Nature set up a trap and it’s something we can’t even fight against. The next time you feel dumb for falling in love with the wrong person, remember that you never really had a chance.
2. They Understand Why Eye Contact is So Essential


Psychotherapist Gary Newman has done studies on the Science of love revealing many ways we can force it rather than let it happen. If you’ve ever heard someone say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, there may be something to this.
Science shows that people in love will automatically maintain consistent eye contact with each other 75% of the time. Psychologist Arthur Aron created the theory behind thirty-six questions which is the essential recipe for falling in love. The last deed to seal the deal is to stare into someone’s eyes for four minutes.
3. They Realize the Importance of Being a Good Listener


If you listen to your partner intently without reacting or making it about you, you will win their heart. Whether you’re newly dating or a few months in, listening makes a person feel good. It’s even better if you ask follow up questions and respond with pa$$ion.
4. They Know They Should Validate Their Potential Love
When you validate your partner, they’re going to be your love slave for life (unless you stop of course). One of the main reasons a relationship or marriage fails is due to lack of appreciation. When you validate your partner, you make them better. If you can make someone better with your praise, they rely on you. Make them feel like a winner and they’ll easily fall in love with you.
5. They Smile A lot


When you smile at your partner, it naturally makes you look more attractive. They see you as someone who is positive and upbeat. Their minds tell them you’re a winner and the idea that you’re a happy person makes it easier for them to fall in love with you.
6. They Remember the Art of Touching


A Harvard study on human nature proved that touch can lead to love quickly. It is the comfort that comes from your skin on someone else. It increases intimacy which changes chemicals in the brain, telling them that they have strong feelings which could lead to love. Within this reference of course includes the fine art of different kissing techniques as a way to boost all of the chemicals within the body.
7. They are Pa$$ionate about the Other’s Pa$$ion
If you have a partner or potential partner that is really pa$$ionate about something, jump on that band wagon. Be their cheerleader and embrace the emotion that they have about their pa$$ions. This makes them feel that what they care about is important. They a$$ociate the feelings they have for their pa$$ion with you because you’re supporting it.
8. They Are Aware of the Three Stages of Love
Studies about the Science of love were conducted at Rutgers University which revealed loves stages. These stages are lust, attraction and attachment. Each stage involves chemical reactions that differ from each other.
Stage 1: Lust
Lust is said to be the initial stage of getting involved with love. The feel of lust is basically backed up or instigated by the $exual hormones within the body. Lust involves oestrogen and testosterone which sends messages to the boy to get excited. This process turns into attraction as you explore the lust stage.
Stage 2: Attraction
Attraction is said to be that amazing feeling you get, butterflies and all. It is where you begin to feel the love buzz and you become impatient to the point your brain only thinks about that person. The study concluded that your personality will actually change throughout this process. Adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin are the chemicals conjured up during attraction phase.
Stage 3: Attachment
If you can get past the lust and attraction phase, you can then begin to really form a bond. The bond will take you to a sustainable path where you can really commit to each other. Essentially, this is where a couple will want to have children and spend their lives together. The body instigates this at a cellular level. There are two hormones that create this. Oxytocin which is also called the cuddle hormone and Vasopressin which is a hormone released after $ex. It promotes long lasting relationships, giving two people the ability to function together.
9. They Know it Has Nothing to do With Looks
Falling in love is more chemical and subconscious than just being turned on by someone’s curves. The major factors are the messages that flow to the brain. It is much deeper than the physical aspects of someone. Someone can be awful to you or you know they’re trouble before you even talk to them. Often it can be too late because you’ve already been hooked and you don’t even know it.
10. They Understand and Use the Thirty Six Questions
Thirty Six questions was originally created by the psychologists that were looking to figure out why people fall in love. They came up with three levels of questions (12 each) that would lead someone to invoke all the feelings of love from someone else. These questions make someone seem relevant, valid, important and cared about. They must open up with the questions which allows them to feel vulnerable, a feeling a$$ociated with love. As two people ask these questions, they both become vulnerable together. It has been proven to speed the process of falling in love. In fact, Mandy Len Catron the author of “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This” did some research on the validity of it all. She fell in love with her friend and is still with him today so there’s some proven effectiveness right there.

*** 7 Things Women Do When They Are cheat*ng ***

1. Family Detachment
One sign that she may be cheat*ng is that she detaches herself from your family. She may also stop hanging out with your friends as well. The reason women do this is out of remorse. Basically, she feels guilty and will feel less pain if she isn’t immersed in your life- including family or friends. Remember, the less mental baggage she has holding her back, the easier it will be for her to commit the deed.
2. Consistent Nagging
The days of harmonious communication are gone when a women decides to do nothing but nag. Basically, she will find every excuse to lash out and argue with you. The reason a woman will do this is to justify her deed by rationalizing that it wasn’t working out with your anyway. It helps eliminate a lot of her guilt. So if a woman starts to point out every flaw and starts arguments about every little thing then it could be a sign that she has been unfaithful or is going to.
3. The Mysterious Friend
One telltale sign that a woman is being unfaithful is that she has a mysterious friend who slowly makes a bigger impact in her life. Whether it is a co-worker or someone that she knows from school, she may keep him a secret as well as may be hesitant to share information about him with you. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something out of the norm is happening here and you should speak with your significant other about it be.
4. Deflecting Simple Questions
When your girlfriend starts acting suspicious and starts to avoid very simple questions then this could be a sign that she’s hiding something. If she immediately repeats your questions back to you before answering then chances are good that she’s searching her mind for a lie. On the same token, she may become very defensive when you ask her questions about her whereabouts or future plans. As a general rule of thumb, if she starts to deflect information that she used to volunteer in the past, she is hiding something that she doesn’t want to tell you about.
5. Shift in Priorities
If a woman is involved in heavy romance with another man then she will definitely start to shift her priorities away from yours. All of a sudden, she won’t have time to see you and she will start to break-off regular meetings that you used to have with her. Also, if there is a sudden switch in dates for particular events like dance-lessons or work schedule then she’s probably making them to see her new fling. Basically, anything action that is designed to create distance between you and her could be a sign of infidelity.
6. She Looks S3xier More Often
A woman who is cheat*ng will go way out of her way to make sure that she is looking as best as she can before leaving the house. The reason she does this is to dazzle and impress her new fling as much as possible. Remember that way that she dressed at the beginning of your relationship together?
That is how she is going to try and present herself when she does something wrong. She’ll wear new jewelry, clothing, and even makeup. She’ll even wear these things to places where there is really no need for them like the mall for example.
7. She Becomes More Independent
Part of trying to break it off with you and having her romance with her new guy is that she wants to be independent from you. The earlier she starts doing this, the less of a burden it will actually be when the time comes to leave you (if and when she decides to do it). Basically, she will start to drop her vocabulary from “we” to phrases that favor “I”. However, what is more important to watch out for is that she will stop speaking with you about future plans. In short, she will start acting a manner that dictates that she no longer needs you to hold her hand. Whether or not she is actually going to leave your or simply create more space for your “double life” it is safe to say that she doesn’t want you in the picture. The reason she does this is because she can’t build up the nerve to tell you that it is over and that she wants to start over with someone new.

*** Annoying Boyfriend Habits That Girls Hate ***


Here are some annoying boyfriend habit I and some girls actually hate. undecided
• When they act like they are “alpha”
Women hate it when men think they run the show and start acting like it. Every relationship is about equality, no man should have any authority over the woman they’re dating, that’s not what love is and that’s not how relationships work.
•When they start keeping checks.
This is actually true, my friend kept on complaining bout how her boyfriend keep constant check on her activities, who she is hanging out with, what she does in her free time etc. Haba! This is something girls hate! undecided
•When they stare at other girls.
Some guys would be like “boys will be boys”, but no, that shouldn’t be the justification for anything, if you love your girl, don’t make her feel like someone else is better than her, she should be the prettiest and hottetst in your eyes.
•When they don’t pay attention.
This really gets women upset. Men! Men!! Men!!! Pay attention to your lady, don’t make her feel under appreciated.
•When he lies about his budget.
Smh for men undecided. Imagine what would happen if a girlfriend asks her boyfriend for money and he tells her that he’s living on some crazy budget, the next day he goes out and buys himself an iPhone 6.
•Not returning calls.
Beht why? Men can be careless about managing calls and texts and that annoys their girlfriends extremely.
Encouraging you to become best friends with his. Closet female friend even when you have nothing in common.
Shoro niyen undecided
•When they threaten their girlfriend with olosho because she refused him s*x.
Guys and Iranu sha