*** 11 Ways To Know That A Guy Is Not Ready For Marriage ***

It beats my imagination when I see grown up dudes cultivating adolescence habits even though they are old enough to have set of kids they are fathering. As a result of this, ladies consider them as being unserious for marital settling down
The below points indicate a guy who is not ready for marriage;
1. He keeps several girlfriends
The flirtatious nature of some dudes can be likened to that of a rooster that chases several hens desperately and shamelessly. They however service several kitty-cats and hold boastful thrust of discussion amongst their friends, without knowing that chasing every lady on the street is not an achievement and will never be an achievement anytime any day. This is a sign of immaturity which shows that a dude’s mind is not preoccupied with marriage but bull.poo.
2. Being too dependent on parents
It is a degrading and shameful habit for a grown up man to make cooked up stories just to scam his parents for money. However, they are just so dependent on their parents for ridiculous things such as recharge card, hair cut, etc. Depending on your parents for this ridiculous things does not dignify a man.
3. Uncontrolled spending
I pity the life of some guys who spend as if there is no tomorrow. Once they make money, they won’t even think about future hardship but will spend this money on rendezvous with these hungry ladies we see around.
4. Laziness and idleness
I can’t but shake my head when I see guys clustered at jedi jedi/otapiapia seller shops. These guys having nothing bothering them and can be used for political agitation and thuggery. They are always waiting for the day God will throw them money from heaven, without working for it.
5. Eating and sleeping at friend’s house
Some dudes don’t even have caution of what they eat. They can sell their birthright just like the case of Esau. Which lady will even go on a date with this kind of a man?
6. Poor perception about Love
Some guys lack purpose, mission and vision in life that planning seems to be like a mission impossible for them. Their mentality has been wired awkwardly that the perception they have about relationship is just to $ex, and when a lady denies them of it, they will say she doesn’t love them.
7. Being too proud to apologize
Guys who blame people for their misfortune and wrongdoings are nothing but dumb skill. They feel like they are doing a lady a favour by dating her. Even when they offend their supposed girlfriend, they will always expect her to apologize to them. These kind of guys have no business being in relationship at all.
8. Poor religious life
Some dudes can spend the night at club house but make dem spend ordinary one hour for church or mosque, na punishment.. That you are thinking of settling down should be a more reason why you should get closer to God and have a personal relationship with him rather than wasting your precious time at bar and clubs.
9. Becoming a regular Visitor of the Brothel
I used to be a regular patronizer of the brothel. Wait ooooo !!! Before you tongue-lash me, I never opined that I used to bleep prostitutes oooo, I only said I used to be a regular patronizer of ashowo joint. But now that I’m thinking of settling down it wouldn’t be nice bleeping prostitutes when I have a girlfriend.
10. Going for singles” programme just to meet with New Babes
I think I should be awarded a golden medal for this. When I was still very much young, my friends and I used to put on our best attires at the mention of “single programmes” held in churches in our locality even though we were never invited. I could remember vividly when I joined my fellowship workforce and became a choir member just to have the attention of a lady in the choir unit whom I had been fantasizing. But now guys don grow, we don’t do that bullshit again
11. Playing Nairabet, 1960Bet, Bet9ja, Baba Ijebu and the likes
Truth be told, guys who are regular patronizers of the aforementioned betting companies are not even ready to marry. nobody should quote me oooo
*Quote me to say rubb-ish and I will show you why elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump*


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