*** 25 Fun Things To Do With Your Spouse ***


Dedicate more time to your spouse and you will find that your relationship will blossom. Here are 25 simple ideas of activities you can do with your spouse.

 1. Go for a walk

Put on a pair of shoes and set out on a new adventure. A little fresh air and some conversation will always make her day.

 2. Work-out

Lift weights, do jiu-jitsu or go swimming. Find some physical activity you can do together.

 3. Photography

Grab a camera and let the creativity flow. Taking pictures together not only creates memories, but also is a lot of fun.

 4. Try a new restaurant

If you have not tried it, experiment, it is always good to try new flavors. Try Japanese, Italian, Mexican or some other foreign food you have never tried.

 5. Play video games

Video games are all the craze today. Try playing something active like Kinect or Wii-Sports. Besides having fun, you will sweat a little.

6. Football

Go watch live football. Pick a team and follow them through the ranks. Cheering together will bring you closer together. Other sports, such as basketball or soccer are also great options.

 7. Theme Parks

Go visit a theme park. Besides just rides, most offer theatrical presentations and mini shopping malls. Don’t forget to ride the Ferris-wheel for a super romantic evening!

 8. Water Park

Imagine a warm, summer day, spending time with your spouse, getting wet on slippery water slides. Once you are done with the rides, you can simply relax in the lazy river, bathe in the sun or play around in the pools.

 9. Zoos

Zoos are great places to visit for those that enjoy animals.

 10. Circus

The circus provides you with a great opportunity for a laugh together.

 11. Board games

There are just under an infinite number of board games out there, so it is easy to pick one that both you and your spouse enjoy.

 12. Hikes

Many couples like to climb mountains, explore caves or swim under a waterfall. So, get out on the trails.

13. Ride your bikes

Use a helmet and have a fun ride! Do this often.

14. Stroll through the plaza or city center

This idea may seem simple, but it is still very romantic. Make good use of your time and do not forget to try the free samples. There is always something being sold around there. Try a fruit smoothie or a hot chocolate, depending on the weather.

 15. Ice cream

While dating, young couples always go to eat ice cream. The simplicity is romantic.

16. Candle-light dinner

Prepare a dinner to be eaten together in the dim, romantic candle light.

17. Movies

Watch a gooey chick-flick or any other kind of movie that the two of you can enjoy together.

18. Learn another language

Register yourselves in a language class together. You will not only have a good time, but you will also learn another language.

19. Start a new hobby

A new hobby could include anything from collecting baseball cards to croquet. Whatever it is, it will be an opportunity to create a new family tradition that could last for years.

20. Adopt an animal

Any kind of pet is a great addition to the family. What is most important is the love and care the two of you will put into it together.

21. Museums

Visit a museum that interests you. Have fun appreciating, up close, things you enjoy or would like to know more about.

22. Go to a fair

It does not matter what kind of fair it is, be it a harvest festival or car show. What is important, however, is getting out there and having a good time together.

23. Visit a spa

Take a day off to relax together and get some well-deserved rest.

24. Second honeymoon

It is definitely worth it to leave the kids with Grandma May or Aunt Bertha, while you reserve a hotel and a weekend for just the two of you.

25. Visit a church

All men (and women) need the opportunity to communicate with that Supreme Being that they believe in. Create precious memories as you take the time to worship together.

These are small things to do with your spouse, your most important person, your rose. Use these ideas to increase the time you have dedicated to just her.


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*** 13 Vital Things Every Girl Observes In A Guy! ***


Let us have a look at some of the basic things a girl will look for in a guy whenever they see him. these are common factors that can disqualify dangote and qualify me !!! They are as follows:

1. Whether the guy is hot: The very first thing that every girl actually notices in a guy is how much hot the guy is. When you ask any girl, they can never ever deny this fact.

2. The way of his dressing: Without any doubt, this is the next thing that each and every girl will definitely notice. They will observe you and will be eager to understand the way of your dressing.

3. Manners: This is one of the things that every girl notices in a guy. She observes the manners that the guy possesses. Sober and nice manners will obviously attract more and more girls towards a guy.

4. Grooming: Well, the most interesting fact is that women are generally more attracted to a well groomed guy rather than a shabby guy. And this is one of the things that every woman notices in a guy she comes across.

5.Confidence: It is the confidence level in a guy that strongly attracts a woman just like a magnet does. One of the most attractive characteristics of a man is his confidence level.

6.His company: This is another thing that a girl will observe when she sees a man. If he is with a girl, they will think he is taken and if he is with a group he is really social .

7. How A Guy smells: Many factors may qualify you but this factor will surely cripple you when you smell bad. use your roll on, body spray and have a perfume that smells nice. for me it is a combo of “bleu de chanel and paco Rabnne Invictus”.

8. Personal hygiene: Hygiene is the most important fact that actually is a major factor that every girl will watch out for. always have your teeth thoroughly brushed

9. Footwear: The girls generally also observe the type of footwear the guy wears. After all, your shoe will say a lot. A shabby footwear will definitely have a very bad impression on the ladies.

10. How good you listen: Every girl actually notices how good a listener her guy is. All girls actually want their men to listen to them properly and not just hear what they say. my fiancee is a kind of person that takes 30 minutes to deliver 2minutes gist . even when it is not interesting bro na listening i dey oh . Often those gist are just too important to ladies no matter how irrelevant they may seem to u

11. Frequency of smile: Girls generally also look out to observe how often the guy smiles. Smile is a good indication of the personality of the guy.

12. Flat stomach: Girls generally love those 6 packs or 8 packs and generally observe whether a guy has a flat tummy.

THe last but not the least

13. The Guy’s Pocket: a lot of people opened this thread to see this at number 1, the post is not in serial order or according to first observed so calm down . ladies add much relevance to the state of a guy’s pocket. bro if you drive benz and i drive ferrari she is willing to upgrade because ferrari provides more comfort. so hustle harder bro . ladies abi i lie?


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*** 5 Truths About Marriage You Won’t Learn At Church ***


Here are 5 truths about marriage that you probably didn’t learn at church but you should have.

1. Soulmates do not exist

Believe it or not, there is not just one person in this world that you could marry. Healthy relationships are made, not born. You can argue that there is one type of person that you should marry, but in all reality there is more than one person you could potentially choose to spend the rest of your life with.

If you are waiting for that perfect person to sweep you off of your feet, you will likely never find him, because no one is perfect. But imperfect people are great companions because they will strive to grow closer to God with you by their side.

 2. The first year of marriage is really, really hard

It’s not like the first day of marriage will bring a wave of hardships that you didn’t expect, but the shock of marriage and changes that you must make may cause your marriage to be a lot harder than you expected it to be.

One of the best things to remember about year one of marriage is that you aren’t going through your trials alone. This is the first time you really had someone going through it with you, step by step. Be proud that you were able to make it through the unexpected trials that were thrown your way. Keep your positive attitude going throughout your marriage because there are better days ahead. Your marriage will get better.

3. Your spouse won’t fix you

The only person who can fix you is you. If you have married someone that pushes you to be a better person, than you definitely should see yourself grow and change throughout the years, but only if you put the effort into it. God is the only one who can complete you.

If you have gotten married to cover up your insecurities, they will come out faster than you think; marriage is not the answer to life’s most difficult questions. It will be almost impossible to enjoy your marriage when all you want is for your spouse to make you their project.

4. Marriage isn’t about you

Don’t forget the difference between a marriage and a wedding. The wedding is a glorious day filled with smiles and a spotlight just on you and your spouse. The day may be about you and the commitment you are making, but once the reception lights go out, your spouse comes first. Every decision you make from then on should be made with your spouse in mind. You will constantly be serving them and putting their needs before your own. Marriage is not about you, and that is a good thing.

5. Marry someone with similar aspirations

With similar goals, passions, and dreams, some of the power struggles that arise in marriages can be avoided. Being able to deeply understand someone and in a sense ‘get on their level’ is best achieved when you have experience with what they are going through or have full support in their choices.

Are there things you didn’t learn at church that you wish you did? Share them with us! You never know when your words can impact the lives of others.


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*** 11 Signs He Loves Your V@gina, But Not You ***


It’s a hard truth to take.

You’re hot and heavy 24/7, and not only that, but you’re also really into this guy. Your heart and body want him at all times, and you’re wondering where you fall with this guy.  Is he into you for the right reasons or is he inside of you for HIS reasons? Namely being, your v**ina and not you? These are the 11 signs he loves your v**ina, but not you.

1. He wants to talk, but only about himself.

Does loverboy like to chat about himself and fail to ask you about your daily life? Somehow, this guy is all game to come by for some romping time. If the answer is yes, he’s in love with your v**ina and not you.

2. He’s never met anyone that matters to you, and he has no plans to for the foreseeable future.

If your man has never said “boo” to anyone that knows your first, middle and last names, you have a problem. Does he have no outward desire to connect with your family or friends? If it’s a yes, he’s not into what you offer as a person, but is into what your body has to offer his man-hood.

3. He loves to send you late night texts.

Let me guess, he was busy with friends all evening and now that the bar is starting to close, Mr. Hottie is suddenly available to see you now? Those late night texts and “gestures” to see you are all blatant signs he’s just down to bang, and nothing else.

4. He’ll buy you the lamest birthday gifts.

He doesn’t care about what you really want, he gets just ang gift.

5. His favorite topic is your body, 24/7.

He has all kinds of things to say… if it involves your p*ssy, br**sts, b*tt and legs. The rest of you? He doesn’t care about your graduate degree applications, new roommate, or sick parent. He doesn’t care that you had a bad day, that your dog is lost, or that you and your BFF are fighting. He cares that you give good head and ride him as he wants, bottom line.

6. He doesn’t know your middle name or last name, and he doesn’t plan on asking today.

Do I have to explain? I don’t think so.

7. He tells you he doesn’t want a relationship, so you should listen.

If he tells you he doesn’t want a relationship right now, but yet right now he wants to have s*x, he’s just into your v**ina.

8. You can’t have a deep conversation with him.

He doesn’t know you hate spiders or that you cried when you heard your first serious boyfriend got married. The deep thoughts you have or he has are not up for discussion.

9. He can’t commit, yet he can’t let you go.

If your man can’t commit to you, but at the same time tells you he still wants to see you and can’t let go of contacting you — whether for dates or late night fun — he’s probably just hooked on the bedroom action.

10­. He’s committed to someone else already.

Shame on you for bothering with this assh*le, but if he’s committed to someone else yet barking up your tree, it’s not because he’s falling out of love for her, falling into love with you, or confused. He’s doing it because he wants to f*ck you, and that’s all.

11. He doesn’t say “I love you.”

If you’re wondering if he loves you and he hasn’t told you yet, but he has no problem pontificating over your hips and milky thighs, he doesn’t love you. He loves your s*x.

Ladies, would you continue to allow him have his way? I guess not! The best relationship is one which the love isn’t based on s*x….abstinence pays, it gives you value and respect before a man.


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*** 12 Sure Signs Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You ***


Take a look at these 12 signs that show if your boyfriend truly love you and make your decision on where exactly is your position in his life and this will help you to get more focus as to concentrate on the love or move on to secure a better relationship that has something positive to offer you.

1. Communication: If your guy really love you, he will want to communicate with you at every point in time no matter what. He will talk more often to you than any other person in his life, even his friends will receive much less communication than he talks to you.

2. He gets captivated by you: Have you ever caught him in the act staring at you when you’re busy doing something else? It’s a sure sign that he really love you and he want to get more of you and can’t wait till you’re free.

3 He can goes all the way for you: if a man truly love you, he can do all things for you to make you happy at all time even if it’s something he does not enjoy doing ordinarily. He can even go all the way with you to the market and help you in your shopping.

4 Together time matters to him: A guy will go all the way to look for how he can spend more time with you than any other person in his life, spending time with his best friends or family will surely take a back seat and the time he’ll be spending with you will take the front seat.

5 The impression Continue: The impression he gave you that won you over will not stop after you’ve become his girlfriend, he will continue to make it happen again and again and even extend it to your family members as well.

6.  He Love hugging you: He will hug you for no reason at all and hold you more than a few second thanking you for being part of his life though he may not open his mouth to say this but right there in his mind is making the statement.

8. Your thoughts always on his mind: He can’t stop thinking of you always because he has you as top priority in his life. For you to know this, call on his attention at times when you know he will be busy doing something elsewhere to come assist you in sorting something out, he will go all the way to come around and help you out.

9. He flaunts you: Because he love you, he can talk about in front of any damsel that he knew before and make you proud because he is sure of his love for you, something guys who don’t really love you cannot do.

10. He let out his secrets: He will share with you the secret he has never share with anyone before, the secret that he’s afraid of telling his friends so that he will not be mocked. He will be opened to let you know those secrets because he trust and love you.

11. He’s not judgmental: He will not scold you even if you’ve done something wrong, he will just let you understand in a friendly manner what you have done and at times he may even try to pull your leg but is just to make fun of it.

12. He’s changed his world: If a guy truly loves you, he won’t mind changing his lifestyle all because of you, he can miss a crucial game of football that even you yourself know very well that he love. He can as well miss a movie he wants to watch and put you first to attend to your need before his.


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*** 5 Dream Men Of Ladies And Their Bad Sides ***


Men and women alike have their metaphorical mate in mind. And when on the prowl, this fantasy mate is the standard that potential prospects are measured by. But have you ever thought about the cost of dating your “type”?

Here are five popular personas that may be more costly than most people would expect.

 1. Life of the Party

He has a charismatic, fun-loving personality. Everyone loves to be around him because he is the life of the party. He loves being the center of attention, and he is always “on.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to turn it off. As such, you are constantly his audience of one, which can be extremely exhausting and tiresome. Socially you’ll have the best relationship, but romantically, you might end up with the short end of the stick.

2. Bad Boy

The bad boy brings excitement, adventure and the thrill of the chase. Their aloof personality might be alluring and even mysterious, but it may also be a shield to hide their personal issues and private pain, which some men feel they need to hide to not seem weak.

As such, some men use the bad boy persona to model their perceived image of what masculinity looks like. Dating a bad boy in the beginning will appear to be fun and exhilarating. However in the long run, you will be disappointed because he is not ready or available to give himself to you mentally or emotionally.


3. The Celebrity

Whether a internationally-known celebrity or just a notable public figure in your hometown, the opportunity to date a celebrity is more likely than not. But don’t get caught up in the glitz and the glamor. A celebrity has to work overtime to make sure his name, image and B.rand stay intact at all times.

Meaning a relationship might not be a priority; and it will likely take the backseat to his career. Take plenty of pictures because this may be the only way to see him regularly.

4. The Mogul

The mogul is versed in a myriad of subjects. He is cultured, well-traveled, successful and driven. Depending on your background and exposure, he will possibly introduce you to a new level of sophistication and an entire new way of life.

Unfortunately, due to the demands of his business, he works non-stop, 24/7. He will not always be available. And although he is committed to the relationship, you will often feel as if you are competing with his business.

5. The Artist

He is creative, in touch with his feelings and is extremely expressive. He lives in the moment and engulfs all things you. As intoxicating as this experience may be, establishing roots can be tricky. They live for the creative side of life, and some continuously seek escapes rather than dealing with the reality of life.

Artists can be extremely moody, and at times, they will need their egos stroked. For some, their love for their art is No. 1, and you will always be No. 2; and they will never apologize for that fact.


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*** Ladies, These Are 10 Little Signs You’Re Always On His Mind ***

Ladies, if you have always been confused in knowing how exactly your man feels about you, this will definitely help you.


1. He messages you cute little inside jokes throughout the day. First off, having couple-y inside jokes? Pretty adorable. Maybe he sees something that reminds him of his pet name for you or sends you a Vine that perfectly encapsulates how you are when you’re hangry. He’s just always trying to make you smile. To be fair, though, inside jokes for couples are only cute for the couple that has them. From the outside looking in, they’re lame as hell. It’s sort of like riding a hoverboard. Everyone else thinks you’re an idiot, but you’re like, “Whatever. I’m having a great time on this hoverboard.”

2. He’s always surprising you with something on his way home. Whether he stopped off at a gas station to buy you the Twix you mentioned you were craving or brings you flowers “just because,” it means he saw something that made him think of you. It doesn’t mean a big financial gesture, it just means remembering things that matter to you.

3. He follows up on conversations you’ve had. He texts you to find out what happened with your meeting at work or what Stacey just “had to tell you over drinks.” Either the guy is secretly obsessed with gossip, or he legitimately cares so much he needs to know what’s going on in your life.

4. Everything reminds him of you, and sometimes it’s a reach. Maybe sometimes you’ll get a picture of some napkins with the caption, “lol remember?” And when you reply with “???” he’s got some distant memory he can’t believe you didn’t immediately recall. “Don’t you remember on our first date when you needed a napkin?” And then he gets hurt that you don’t. It would be sad if it weren’t sort of cute to you.

5. He messages you first thing in the morning and right before he goes to bed. You’re always the first and last person he wants to talk to. You can tell he’s always excited to tell you about his day.

6. He remembers insane anniversaries. “This is the anniversary of our first date” is probably about as far back as most couples go. He remembers the first text, first sleepover, first time you had $ex. He has a beautiful mind for your relationship. And he’s so casual about it. He’s like a relationship Terminator, except instead of being good at wielding robotic weaponry, he’s good at snuggling.

7. He always messages you when he’s out. Just little things like, “Missing you.” But even when he’s out with friends or on a business trip, he’s still thinking of you. And you love knowing that you’re always on his mind.

8. His gifts are so specific and personalized that they put yours to shame. He somehow manages to get you exactly what you want for birthdays and holidays. Sometimes it’s something you didn’t even know you wanted, and he still nails it. And then you’re like, “Here’s an iTunes gift card,” and you cry in the bathroom.

9. Sometimes he texts you just as you’re about to text him. And then you do that thing where you’re like, “OMG, no seriously, I was just about to text you, but for real, like, you have no idea I was literally typing a message when you sent that.” And he’s all, “lol k.”

10. Sometimes he’ll post throwback pictures of the two of you “just because.” But you know it’s really because he was sitting at home going through old pictures and missing you.


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*** Ladies: Define His Love With These 31 Signs ***


Love is such a hard thing to define. To some people it’s a feeling; to others, it’s an action. And although it can be challenging to pin down exactly what love is, its manifestations are pretty easy to identify.


Here is a list of signs he isn’t in love:


1. He doesn’t remember things you tell him

2. He compares you to other women

3. He avoids physical contact

4. He doesn’t have respect for things that are important to you

5. He’s uninterested in solving problems

6. And when you try to solve problems it turns into a big fight

7. He doesn’t make time with you a priority

8. He tries to change you

9. He doesn’t offer to help you

10. He’s constantly on his phone when you’re together

11. His goals don’t align with yours

12. He doesn’t trust you

13. You are losing trust in him

14. It’s hard to talk about things that are important to you

15. He puts you down, even if it’s “joking”

16. His friends and family don’t know much about you

17. And he doesn’t respect your friends and family

18. Being around him doesn’t make you feel good about yourself

19. He doesn’t share personal details about his life with you

20. He never says “I’m sorry”

21. He tells you he needs space

22. It’s hard to have a good conversation

23. He’s easily annoyed by you

24. You’re not his No. 1 priority

25. He’s consistently negative

26. He keeps secrets

27. He doesn’t talk about the future

28. He’s not curious about your life

29. He doesn’t treat you differently than other people

30. He spends a lot of time talking to other girls

31. It’s not obvious that he loves you

At the end of the day, you can feel it in your gut. If he loves you, he will make sure you know it.