*** Revealed! Why Women Find ‘Dominant’ Men More Attractive ***


Men with genetic make up linked to social dominance and leadership are seen as more desirable romantic partners by members of the opposite sex, a study says.
Conversely, men find women with genetic make up linked to sensitivity/submissiveness more attractive, the findings showed.
The findings, published in the journal Human Nature, suggest that men and women with genotypes consistent with prevailing gender norms are seen as more desirable.
The researchers from the University of California, Irvine wanted to find out if mate selection could actually be influenced by people’s ability to quickly detect the so-called “good genes.”
The team led by Karen Wu turned to speed-dating to test their predictions in a real-life scenario.
In such meet-ups, participants only had a few minutes to assess the short- and long-term potential of their speed-dating partners, and to decide whether or not to offer their partners a second date.
The team recruited 262 single Asian Americans to have three-minute dates with members of the opposite sex.
After each speed-date, participants were asked whether or not they wanted to offer their partner a second date, and how desirable they found the person as a romantic partner.
Participants were notified of a “match” (and thus obtained each other’s contact information) only if they both offered each other another date.
When examining the DNA samples collected from participants, the researchers focused on two polymorphisms (on two different genes) that were previously linked to social dynamics.
One of the polymorphisms is part of the genetic make-up that has been linked to social dominance and leadership.
The other, which has been linked to social sensitivity, is part of the opioid receptor gene that contributes to people’s capacity to experience social pleasure and pain, and their need to have social contact.
The researchers found that men and women with genotypes consistent with prevailing gender norms were more likely to receive second date offers.
They were also seen as more desirable short- and long-term romantic following
Other reasons may includes the following

You must be trustworthy

At the core of this power exchange between the dominant and the submissive there is trust. In a free modern society, submission is not something that you impose on women but something that they give you when they can fully trust you with their life.

To be trustworthy, you need to have integrity with yourself, to keep your word at all times and to fulfil your responsibility as a good dominant diligently.

Only once you have proven that she can surrender to you and that everything is going to be sweet under your dominance, she will do just that.

Especially if you’re young, you definitively need to demonstrate that you can be trusted and that you know what you’re doing.

You’re the boss

See it like this: you’re the boss and your girlfriend or wife is your lieutenant. Obviously, what she thinks matters, she is second-in-command in your unit, and you’re the one who gave her the promotion. But let’s be clear about one important thing here: you are the one who makes the decision and take the responsibility for it. If you’re smart, you should ask for her opinion, her point of view or ideas but if they are unreasonable, you do not necessarily have to implement them.

You’re the boss, you’re in charge, you make the decisions, and if they turn to shit, you’re responsible for fixing them.

Realize one thing: yes, she wants to be heard; yes, she wants to be trusted, although she doesn’t want to make the decisions and take the responsibilities that come with them!

Take charge

You need to take charge in simple everyday stuff, for example: It’s Saturday night and you chose to reward her with a dinner at a restaurant because she had been a good girl all week long. Then, you chose the restaurant and you even requested a specific table for the occasion. Then you chose her place and pulled her chair showing her where to sit, and then you chose the food and made the order. If you’re with the family, you sit at the head of the table. Before leaving the place, you paid the bill. If the service or the food sucked, you then spoke with the manager or dragged her to another place.

Forget about those new modern western models for relationships because that kind of crap doesn’t work; statistics on divorce pretty much make my point for me. Trust me!  Be smart and stick to what worked very well in all cultures around the world since the last few thousand years, and it’s going to be fine. Just trust the knowledge of those billions of other men who came before you on this.
If your daily work or business requires more energy than hers, or that you bring more money home, it’s only logical that you take more rest once at home. Explain it to her that you’re doing harder work and you have more responsibilities, thus you need to take a fucking nap! It’s her duty to make sure that you can.

If she is not a nut-job, and you’re a good dominant figure in her life, then there will be no problem with that.

In exchange, you need to respect her domestic work and be grateful for it. When she does a good job, it’s your duty as the dominant figure to express your appreciation, and even reward her good behaviour once in a while. On the long run, she will love and take pride in taking care of you because she knows that if she doesn’t keep up with you, then there are plenty of other women who would. This will make her special.


*** Relationship: Romantic gestures in smallest ways ***

 Where words are not enough to express how madly in love we have falling for our partners, romantic gestures will do.
Watch a romantic movie together once a month and order all the rich takeout food you’ve been craving for the entire month. Switch off your phones, cuddle up for the evening and don’t move out of each other’s sight.
Perform an erotic dance. Even better if you have two left feet which leaves your partner in splits.
On the days that you forget to kiss your wife goodbye, drive back home and give her an intimate kiss and a bear hug *unless you’re in a hurry*. Or come back home now and then just to kiss your wife *because you missed her already!*

Give each other inexpensive well wrapped gifts every now and then. It could be chocolates, flowers, a game CD, or even a potted plant.]
Give him a shave when he’s lazy. Help her brush her hair when she’s in a hurry.
Take a picture of yourself wearing your partner’s clothes and sext it to “the best partner in the world!”
Slip into bed naked and surprise your partner with your impromptu nudity. Tie a little ribbon around your waist or any strategic locations if you want to be their gift for the night.
Give your partner a foot massage when both of you are relaxing on the couch. Hold your partner’s hand and waltz while humming your lover’s favorite tune. Look for little ways to bring a smile on your lover’s face.
Whisper a message in your partner’s voice mail and say something naughty in the middle of the day.
Help your partner prepare dinner and clean the dishes. Think of something innovative to do while you’re at it, like cooking while wearing nothing but aprons or a little food fight.


Chizoba Jude Ukwueze 

*** The Golden Rules Of A Happy Long-Lasting Marriage ***


Here are some tips for keeping your relationship healthy and happy.

One of the greatest questions we hear is, “How do we make our relationship work?” The answers are complicated, varied, and after a while, start to sound like muddled platitudes. But these commonplace sayings get repeated because they work. With this in mind, we pulled together some of the cliches that, in fact, reveal simple, tried-and-true advice for having a healthy, happy relationship..Read on and let us know what you think:
* The couple that plays together, stays together. Find a sport or hobby that you both love (no, watching TV doesn’t count) and make it a priority in your relationship. Camping, biking, building model trains. .. whatever it is, find something you enjoy doing together.
* Mind your manners. “Please,” “thank you” and “you’re welcome,” can go a long way in helping your partner remember that you respect and love him and don’t take him for granted.
* The couple that plays together, stays together. Find a sport or hobby that you both love (no, watching TV doesn’t count) and make it a priority in your relationship. Camping, biking, building model trains. .. whatever it is, find something you enjoy doing together.
* Fight right. In order to have productive arguments, keep these rules in mind: Don’t call your spouse names. When things get really tough, take a break from the argument. Let the other person finish his/her sentences. Don’t initiate a discussion when you’re angry.
* I will scratch your back if you scratch mine. No one likes demands (unless you’re in a BDSM role play) but everyone can appreciate a compromise. If you want your lover to do something and you’re not sure he’ll be agreeable, the quickest way to avoid a confrontation is to sweeten the deal. For example: “Sure, I’ll watch Monday Night Football if you take me to see the next movie of my choice.
* Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Maintain your own friendships and occasionally have a night out without your significant other. Doing things without your s.o. not only makes you miss him or her, it also keeps you sane. And in case the relationship doesn’t work out, you’ll still have your friends.
* Two heads are better than one. Being in a relationship basically means you’ve made a merger; you’ve not only joined assets but inherited the other’s problems as well. Rather than looking at his problems as merely his own, tackle them together. For example, if he’s gaining weight, rather than pushing him to diet on his own, enroll in an exercise program together.
* Laughter is the best medicine. Learn to laugh at yourself and at silly mistakes. If he throws your $300 cashmere sweater in the dryer, laughing it off is better than getting angry in the long run. It’s just a $300 cashmere sweater, not the end of the world.
* Keep your eyes on the prize. Yes, he forgot your co-worker’s name for the tenth time, but it probably doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. If you keep your perspective fixed on the goal — to be in a happy, functioning partnership — you’re less likely to get tangled up in every minor annoyance. Remember, you both want the same thing.
* Quitters never win. Find a ritual and keep it alive, no matter what. Whether it’s always kissing each other good night, renewing your wedding vows every year, sleeping in as late as you want once a month or committing to having sex once a week, pick something that makes you both feel good and stick to it, even when you’re tempted to skip.
* When the going gets tough, the tough get going … to therapy. Studies show that couples who seek counseling during rocky periods are more successful in resolving their issues than those who don’t. Whether its from a religious figure, counselor or mental health professional, getting an expert to help sort out strife is as wise as forgoing self-installation and hiring a plumber to put in a new sink.

 Chizoba Jude Ukwueze