Do you know?
1. The sentence “THE QUICK BROWN
uses every letter in the alphabet.
2. The only 15 letters word that can
be spelled without repeating letter is
3. The word “LETHOLOGICA”
describes the state of not being able
to remember the word you want.
4. The highest scoring in the game
scrabble is ‘QUARTZY’.
5. RHYTHM and SYZYGY are the
longest English word without vowel.
6. The word ‘QUEUE’ is the only
word in the English language that is
still pronounced the same way when
the last four letters are removed.
7. The dot over the letter “i” is called
REVERBERATED are the longest word
that is typed with only the left hand.
9. TYPEWRITER is the longest word
that can be made using the letters
only on one row of the keyboard.
SHEEP’S SICK” is the toughest tongue
twisting in English language. If not
give me urs.



1. The word “queue” is the only
word in the English language
that is still pronounced the same
way when the last four letters
are removed.
2. Beetles taste like apples,
wasps like pine nuts, and worms
like fried bacon.
3. Of all the words in the English
language, the word ‘set’ has the
most definitions!
4. What is called a “French kiss”
in the English speaking world is
known as an “English kiss” in
5. “Almost” is the longest word
in the English language with all
the letters in alphabetical order.
6. “Rhythm” is the longest
English word without a vowel.
7. In 1386, a pig in France was
executed by public hanging for
the murder of a child A
cockroach can live several weeks
with its head cut off!
8. Human thigh bones are
stronger than concrete.
9. You can’t kill yourself by
holding your breath
10. There is a city called Rome on
every continent.
11. Horatio Nelson, one of
England’s most illustrious
admirals was throughout his life,
never able to find a cure for his
12. The skeleton of Jeremy
Bentham is present at all
important meetings of the
University of London
13. Right handed people live, on
average, nine years longer than
left-handed people
14. Your ribs move about 5
million times a year,every time
you breathe!
15.The elephant is the only
mammal that can’t jump!
16.One quarter of the bones in
your body, are in your feet!
17. Like fingerprints, everyone’s
tongue print is different!
18.The first known transfusion
of blood was performed as early
as 1667, when Jean-Baptiste,
transfused two pints of blood
from a sheep to a young man
Fingernails grow nearly 4 times
faster than toenails!
19.Most dust particles in your
house are made from dead skin!
20.The present population of 5
billion plus people of the world is
predicted to become 15 billion
by 2080.
21. Women blink nearly twice as
much as men.
22. Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian,
and had only ONE testicle.
23. Honey is the only food that
does not spoil.
24.Honey found in the tombs of
Egyptian pharaohs has been
tasted by archaeologists and
found edible.
25.Months that begin on a
Sunday will always have a “Friday
the 13th.”
26. Coca-Cola would be green if
coloring weren�t added to it
27. On average a hedgehog’s
heart beats 300 times a
minute.More people are killed
each year from bees than from
28. The average lead pencil will
draw a line 35 miles long or
write approximately 50,000
English words.
29. More people are allergic to
cow’s milk than any other food.
30. Camels have three eyelids to
protect themselves from blowing
31. The placement of a donkey’s
eyes in its’ heads enables it to
see all four feet at all times!
32. The six official languages of
the United Nations are: English,
French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian
and Spanish.
33. Earth is the only planet not
named after a god.
34. It’s against the law to burp,
or sneeze in a church in
Nebraska, USA.
35. You’re born with 300 bones,
but by the time you become an
adult, you only have 206.
36. Some worms will eat
themselves if they can’t find any
37. Dolphins sleep with one eye
38. It is impossible to sneeze
with your eyes open
39. The worlds oldest piece of
chewing gum is 9000 years old!
40. The longest recorded flight
of a chicken is 13 seconds
41.Queen Elizabeth I regarded
herself as a paragon of
cleanliness. She declared that she
bathed once every three months,
whether she needed it or not
42. Slugs have 4 noses.
43. Owls are the only birds who
can see the color blue.
44. A man named Charles
Osborne had the hiccups for 69
45. A giraffe can clean its ears
with its 21-inch tongue!
46. The average person laughs
10 times a day!
47. An ostrich’s eye is bigger
than its brain
48.By holding your breath for a
long time you can’t die
49.Doing reverse crunch exercise
will reduce your butt
50.Venice is a sinking city


You Can Not Chase Money And
Women At
The Same Time – Even when so
many fathers
have made this mistake in their
days they still end up failing to
tell their sons
that one can not hunt for money
women at the same time. It is
either one
makes money and then start
women or the other way round.
2. A Man Gets More Respect
Based On His Pocket – This
point is not trying to encourage
crime or ungodly acts in other to
wealth but to face reality. It is a
known fact
that both within the home front
and the
society at large, a man is
respected the more
according to how comfortable
financially free he becomes.
3. Women Can Make Or Ruin You
– So many
fathers even when they know
the truth of
the power of any woman, still
shy away
from enlightening their sons on
the critical
hidden powers a woman
possesses. From
the days of Adam, Samson,
Solomon, Abacha
and other notable men, we have
seen how a
man can either rise or fall
through the
power and influence of a
woman. A man
should therefore thread as softly
as possible
when dealing with a woman.
4. A Woman Can Smell A
Successful Man From
Miles Away – Women naturally
have an
hidden instinct of knowing a
man who is
successful or have the tendency
of being
successful in the future. So many
have stuck to a struggling and
man against their parents wish
of marrying
an already made man. A woman
will say
things like “he has a bright
future”, “he has
potentials” or “he will be a great
man in
future”. Ladies who have uttered
words and stuck by their men
have never
gone wrong. Example is how
Obama stuck with Barack
through thick and
5. A Woman Doesn’t Like A Weak
Man –
When fathers tell their sons
never to give in
to a woman’s pressure, they
mostly advise
their sons to be forceful on
issues to prove
he is the man of the house.
When in reality,
women prefer men who say less
and do
more, rather than the ones who
talking but do less. The latter is
the typical
meaning of a weak man but
fathers always
advice to do such to prove he is
the king of
the house.
6. Women Appreciate Men With
Characters – Most men always
miss out on
this and as such never advise
their sons to
be a father figure to their wives.
Women are
best at doing this but every
woman wants a
man who sits her down to
advice her,
reason with her, give her
criticisms and above all, believe
in her.
7. It Is Easier To Catch A Cheating
Man Than
Catch A Cheating Woman – Most
men till date
don’t know that it is far easier to
get caught
cheating as a man than catching
a woman
who cheats. A woman can make
a man
‘father’ every single child she has
but only
her knows who the biological
father is,
while a man can hardly keep it as
a secret
from his wife when he has a love
outside the matrimonial home.